Sunday, 14 May 2017


I don't handle stress very well.  I tend to over react when I feel 'threatened' and if I had to use fight or flight, I would take off like a bird!  Unfortunately I am not in a position to take off right now so I have to find coping mechanisms for dealing with being overwhelmed in certain situations.

Since I started my new job, almost a month ago, I have dreamt that I am at work every night.  There is no escape.  Even when I am at home my mind wanders to the job.  The lack of sleep and nightmares have started to have an impact on my health and I have developed lichen planus on my gums which the dentist informed me is a result of stress and there is no cure!!!  My gums are so painful, red and hot and in addition to stress the condition can be diet related.  When I told the dentist I had eaten rhubarb before this condition become apparent she said it was one of the worst foods I could eat!  I am also to avoid citrus fruit and spicy food.

Today I have treated myself to a magazine.  I am hoping that it will help to take my mind off things.  I will have a look at it before I go to sleep this evening.  I have a little gift of nasturtium seeds in a ceramic pot that I was given at Christmas.  I will plant them later and look forward to the first shoots popping up.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much from stress. Have you read "Mindfulness - finding peace in a frantic world" by Mark Williams and Danny Penman? I can thouroughly recommend it and can honestly say I am a different person and far less stressed and ready to fly off the handle than I used to be. Do hope you will find your answers although if you hope to be stress free I don't think you will ever reach that point but perhaps like me learn how to accept things just as they are in the moment. OIne of the quotes from the book which resonated with me is " "The deep stillness we seek does not arise because the world is still, or the mind is quiet. Stillness is nourished when we allow things to be just as they are for now, in this moment, breath by breath." - Mark Williams. Try it!

  2. I'm sorry too to hear you're suffering from so much stress at the moment. Perhaps you're expecting too much of yourself in your new job, however, the advise above from Marigold Jam sounds quite good xx

  3. Hi Simone - sorry to hear the job is getting you down so much it is stressing you out and having an impact on your health. When I first started back at work I was in a similar frantic state but can say that eventually the stress reduced and life at work became more normal especially when I got the hang of the job itself better. I can also recommend the Mindfulness books - there are plenty about at the moment - I found meditation tapes help too.
    I am suffering the other way now - after 17 years back at work and overcoming the initial stress I am looking to retire and will be thrown out of my comfort zone once again but this time in reverse and I will be giving up working and earning that I am now so used to! I worry in case I make the wrong decision and there is no going back. I can say though that the workplace these days is far more stressful than ever I can understand why everyone becomes so ill.
    Absorb yourself in your magazine for an hour and find a good bedtime book to read - some light possibly amusing story so that this is the last thing on your mind and not work.
    Thinking of you xx Viv

  4. I'm so sorry that you are so stressed at the moment, Simone. Being in a new job is very stressful and you need to look after you health. The gum disease sounds very painful adding to your stress levels. Do take time out when you can to find somewhere quiet away from all the bustle and noise of the working environment. I hope the magazine is useful too. Take care:)

  5. So sorry you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment Simone....I do hope things settle for you.
    V x

  6. Hi Simone, I remember being like this over a job I had at American Express years ago, I used to dream about it every night, I think if you are a sensitive soul this is the case.
    I wonder if you have ever thought of leaving wheat and gluton out of your diet for a bit to see if it has any good effects. I find that when I leave it off I am a lot clearer in my mind and my aches and pains are less. It's not easy but worth a try. Also my help your gums.
    We are using Jin Shin Jyutsu as well to calm us and that works as well. Look it up on the pc, Holding each finger in turn really does make a difference.
    Put this.....Jin Shin Jyutsu - 5 Minutes to Balance...into youtube and try it. A rather stern looking lady but its good.

  7. I admire your determination but please don't make yourself ill. Is there a less stressful option? xx

  8. I felt bad reading this, Simone. I too have had stressful jobs, eventually leaving one when the pain in my stomach would not subside. Please take care of yourself. Your health is more important than anything else. xx

  9. Poor you, you sound so stressed. As Ethel Johnson says please don't make yourself ill over it all. If you ever need to vent to someone please email me

    Julie xxxxxx

  10. Simone, I wish I could hug your stress away. Please know that you have many strong female friends who are holding you close in their collective loving thoughts. Surround yourself with the beauty of the season and keep thinking " I am strong. I am healthy. I am creative. I am part of a collective whose support empowers me to fly out of the darkness into the light." Sending healing energy your way.

  11. So sorry you are feeling so stressed and overwhelmed at the moment Simone. I hope you feel better soon, and can find some ways to relax and unwind when away from work.
    Sending love.
    Helen xox

  12. Stress shows in many ways. It's good you are so attuned to your body and aware of how your situation is affecting you. I hope the magazine was a relaxing and informative read. I love the patterns of Julia Dodsworth, I bought a packet of her tissues for my sister to go in her advent gift the other year.
    Lisa x


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