Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Poem and a Flower

At the bottom of the garden
Something pink caught my eye
And as I approached it - my oh my
Self sown by nature
It bloomed overnight
So in the morning would bring its delight
A frilly pink poppy slowly unfurling
And life still goes on
And the World keeps on turning

Simone Whipp June 2017


  1. Life does indeed go on and Nature couldn't care less about who is in and who is out and politics in general. The world will indeed keep turning and we must focus on the good things like your beautiful poppy. Isn't nature wonderful?

  2. Thank you, Simone, for treating us with your beautiful poem and the equally beautiful flower!

  3. Beautiful picture to go with your lovely poem. Hope you are well and the job is getting easier. Lovely to hear from you as I am missing your posts. x

  4. Those frilly poppies are so beautiful.
    A reminder to look for the beauty in the world where we can.
    Lisa x

  5. Another amazing photo and beautiful thought.

  6. Beautiful poem and beautiful flower....what a treat to find a frilly pink poppy unexpectedly!
    Helen xox

  7. Beautiful, Simone - both the photo and the poem. xx


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