Saturday, 8 July 2017

Hydrangea and Purple Hues

I was creating some 'Galaxy' ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) which are UFO's (unfinished objects!) at present and realised that I had seen the colours recently in my garden.  The hydrangeas have deep violet and rich indigo shades.  I think I was subliminally influenced when I got out my watercolour paints.

These cool shades appeal to me as I am finding the heat and humidity a struggle at the moment.  As I have said on here before - I am really not a fan of the summer months - unless I am on holiday with a cool breeze and fresh mountain air (not that I have ever had a holiday with a cool breeze and fresh mountain air!)

Life is whizzing by at hyper-speed at the moment.  I have limited time to post or read blogs.  Can you believe that I have been in my job for almost three months now?  My week days are busy and my weekends are precious.  I am still trying to find ways of having a good work/life balance and am slowly getting there.

Wishing you all a harmonious weekend and week ahead.


  1. Your cards and your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!

    Time is zooming by for me, too. Hard to believe that we're already into July. Unlike you I do love the summer months and wish things would slow down so I can enjoy them. I haven't been reading blogs, either, and I'm about to get off my computer and go spend some time in the garden. Just wanted to say hi first. :)

    Enjoy your precious weekend!

  2. Your hydrangea is such a lovely colour, so rich and vibrant. Ours are bright blue at the moment. I'm glad you are beginning to settle at your work Simone and that you are finding the balance between work and home a little easier:)

  3. Some of my favourite colours are there in those hydrangeas... the ones in my garden are all a paler pink, though I know I planted at least one blue one. I think it is something in the soil that determines their colour.

    Lovely star effect in your ATCs. Hope you're enjoying your weekend - it's a little cooler today :)

  4. Such lovely colours here, some of my very favourites! You sound as if you are coping very well with your job and new routine, in spite of the heat too! So pleased to hear this. Have a wonderful weekend Simone.
    Helen xox

  5. Hi Simone if you find the answer to a perfect work life balance let me know! Hydrangeas gorgeous hope you will show us the finished product.

  6. Beautiful colors, Simone! Our hydrangeas are periwinkle blue, but I love them in all colors. Love your ATCs!! xx

  7. I adore hydrangeas!!
    Glad you are settling into your new routine.
    V x
    P.S. You asked if we stayed in a hotel when we visit, we look after ourselves, in a way become French for a little while. :)

  8. Hi Vivienne! I like that you 'become French' for a little while when you go to France! x

  9. It seems everyone else's hydrangeas are so colorful. Mine are pale pink... not my favorite.
    Judy's are stunning blue as were Anne's in her Ohio garden. This photo is again an example of your creative eye, Simone. The raspberry fading to violet is amazing.
    Love your cards just as they are.
    Hope your summer turns down the thermostat and humidity a bit so you can enjoy exploring the other simple joys abounding in your garden and neighborhood.
    Have a good week even if you have to spend so much of it at work. Be sure to spend some of each day in joyful witness to July.

  10. What a beautiful hydrangea! I love to see them dried too - very shabby chic!

    Julia xx

  11. Aren't hydrangeas just the most beautiful of flowers.
    So glad to hear that the work/life balance is getting there.
    Lisa x


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