Saturday, 30 September 2017

Autumn Berries

The pyracantha berries are looking so vivid right now with their orange glow.  They look like baby tomatoes in the photo above!  I love the change to autumn from summer. 

The mornings are misty and the evenings are cooler now but it has still remained warm in the day here in the South East of England.  I was on a food safety course yesterday and we had to have fans on in the building as we were almost melting with the extreme heat!  I had to throw away my packed lunch as there wasn't a fridge to store it in and I wasn't going to risk eating it after the talk about how food poisoning is contracted!  Luckily my colleague gave me her banana to sustain me until home time.

For the past 6 weeks I have drastically changed my eating habits and incidentally lost quite a lot of weight.  I am eating good, nutritious food and eating 3 times a day with no snacking.  As part of my on-going healthier me journey, I am going to attend a fitness class next week for the first time in years!  I will let you know how I progress!

Thank you for the well wishes about my son going to University.  He seems to have settled in well and met lots of people.  As long as he is happy then I am content too! 

Well, October is almost peeking over my shoulder now.  There is much to be done in the garden before the onset on winter - planting bulbs, tidying up, mowing the lawn........then I should be able to settle down to some hobbies inside and experimenting with new recipes, hand sewing, painting, drawing and plenty of reading too!


  1. good to know that you are losing weight, this all make you feel better and there is no doubt that if you eat properly it makes all the difference. We are on a low fat diet now due to Tom's health and I already have more energy. Keep it up, its worth it.
    Lovely berries by the way. The holly trees in the park near us are over loaded with berries this year.

  2. So glad your boy has settled well and I totally agree, I'm the same with my family if they're happy and healthy then so am I.
    There is so much to do in the garden at the moment, if it would only stay dry for long enough to get it all done.
    Sounds like you have lots lined up for the autumn....great pic by the way.
    V x

  3. Well done with your healthy eating, I've not been doing so well in that department and could do with losing some weight. Any tips would be gratefully received :)
    Love the close up picture of the berries, the hedgerows are full of them right now. I love this time to year too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Simone xx

  4. Way to go, Simone! How do you manage to keep from snacking during the day??? That's always my downfall. Looking forward to your sharing the results of your "inside hobbies" in the days, weeks ahead.
    Once again a stunning photo.
    Cheers for a wonderful October.

  5. Lovely autumn photo, and they do look like little tomatoes.

    Glad you are feeling better in yourself, by eating healthily

    Julie xxxxx

  6. Lovely photo of the berries, very autumnal and as today is 1st October it really is here now. Glad you son is settling in at University and that you are feeling better with your new healthy eating routine:)

  7. Hi, Simone, so nice to catch up on your blog today. I haven't had time for blog reading for a while. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. How can it be October already???

    Oh, what a transition you've been going through with your son going away to university! I'm so happy to know that you're doing so well, eating healthily and taking time for YOU! It's so hard to fit it all in. Making self care a priority is important (and so easy to let slide).

    Wishing you continued good health and joyful days.

  8. Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle, Simone! It must feel so good to have shed some weight! I've lost a bit myself recently, and feel lighter and move more easily. You are making some major lifestyle changes and have an empty nest now - what next? Hope your job is going well.
    I just love the colors in your photograph! xx

  9. I'm so impressed with the no snacking regime. I wish I could stick to something like that, the biscuit tin is too hard to resist at work some days!
    Lisa x


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