Monday, 4 September 2017

New Books

I love books.  I love books even more than I love the Internet.  Books are tactile, a source of information and a window into other people's thoughts and opinions.  They are more than that of course but I can't find the correct adjectives at the moment.

As September seems a particularly scholarly month conducive to learning new things, I thought I would look more into making energy bites - full of the latest health giving properties and find out more about illustrating children's books which has been a lifelong theme that circles my mind intermittently.  With those ideas in mind I treated myself to the two books above.

I have already made a recipe from the energy bites book which was a crunchy hemp coated quinoa bite.  It was very tasty, packed with nutrients and made a complete mess of the kitchen!  Undefeated I will find my own way of making the recipe next time.

The book by Martin Ursell I have yet to read.  I want to take my time over it and absorb the knowledge and advice within.


  1. Love books, and so do my grandchildren. Last year for the twenty-four days leading up to Christmas I wrapped a book for each of my grandchildren, and their dad (my son) asked me if I would do another this year. I found lots of unopened, unread books in the charity shops which to me very sad that children do not read.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I think you would make a fantastic illustrator - hope the book inspires you.

  3. The energy bites book sounds really interesting.
    Good luck with your art work explorations.
    Lisa x

  4. These look like interesting books, Simone. I love books also and have too many, but can't seem to resist buying more! I would love to see some children's book illustrations from you, Simone! xx


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