Sunday, 10 September 2017

September Sunday

For those of you that still read the blog - hello!  I went for a long walk today stopping off at a farm shop to buy some organic vegetables and then had a walk around a walled garden.  I took a photo of these flowers that look like they are just going over.  I think they are verbena bonariensis and I keep meaning to grow them in my garden.  Maybe next year?

Today I am pottering about the house, cooking dinner, doing some reading.  All ordinary stuff.  Thank goodness for the ordinary.


  1. Well, the weather certainly looks better where you are - it's thoroughly damp and gloomy here!! Nice plant though:0)

    Julia xx

  2. What a lovely day you have had! A long walk followed by a farm shop to buy vegetables and a wander around a walled garden sounds just right for a September Sunday. Yes, they are verbena bonariensis ours in the garden are still looking okay. They have seeded everywhere this year and we've been uprooting little seedlings from the paths. We put a few in pots and they have grown almost to the size of the ones in the garden:)

  3. Me too, meaning to get the Verbena, it self seeds so once you have it, you have it for life. Also it lets other smaller plants thrive below it, nice plant. All Gloomy here this afternoon, although the car boot was fun this morning.

  4. Any butterflies on those flowers? I bet they love them!

  5. I like ordinary! I just potter most days too.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. I love Verbena but seem to have lost mine - perhaps the frost got it. Ordinary is good - I like to do ordinary on my days off - it is relaxing.

  7. Love those lavender flowers! Yes, Simone, I agree that the ordinary can be good, comfortable and comforting. But then, once in a while, a shot of excitement is a good thing too! xx

  8. Verbena bonariensis - I love them, but they don't like my heavy clay soil, I have tried to grow them a few times, now I just admire them 'from afar'!

    I'm having a no-holiday year this year, so have made do with painting and gardening, baking - in particular bread.

  9. Much comfort in the ordinary.
    Pretty flowers, you should definitely try and grow them next year.
    Lisa x


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