Sunday, 17 September 2017

A New Chapter

Not sure which chapter I am on; probably Chapter 5.

Chapter 1 - Early childhood
Chapter 2 - The teenage years
Chapter 3 - Work and married life
Chapter 4 - Bringing up baby
Chapter 5 - Return to work and empty nest

Next weekend my only child leaves home to go to University in the West Midlands.  I have started to prepare for this by getting back to employment in April this year and am now changing my eating habits and surroundings to reflect this change.  I will miss him - there is no doubt about it.

Part of me doesn't want him to go but I know that he must.  I want him to venture out into the world and take advantage of any exciting opportunities that may arise.  His return home at Christmas will be all the sweeter for his prolonged absence.

As I have said, I have been preparing for this change in circumstance for a few months now.  More recently I have been taking more interest in self care which has long been neglected.  Weight has dropped significantly since I decided to eat only three meals a day and cut out the snacks.  I walk at least an hour every day, have increased my leafy greens consumption and have Epsom salts baths to relax.  I feel lighter in the body and sharper in the brain. 

I don't want this chapter of my life to just be about work and am looking for ways to fill my leisure time.  I haven't done anything 'crafty' for a while or been out to a see a play for years!  Maybe my son's independent life will see me embracing a new found independence too!


  1. Birmingham Uni is it then?

    I'm sure it must be very hard for you to let go. I have no direct experience of course, although I remember well when my eldest nephew went to Hull Uni and how upsetting it was for my my brother, but in particular for my sister-in-law. Still, he settled in quickly and was fine; and thoroughly enjoyed his Uni days! I'm sure all will be well.


  2. Hi Julia. No it's not Birmingham.:)

  3. We can split our lives into chapters like a book. You will miss your son very much but equally be proud and pleased that he too is setting out on a new chapter of his life. I hope he enjoys his days at university and settles in well. You should join a creative writing class as you alwys write so beautiflly and from the heart:)

  4. Our children are always our "babies" but they have their own lives to live and we have done our job well if they are happy to go and want to be independent needing us less and less. You now have your own life to live too and this can be a new chapter in your life too so grasp the independence you will now have. As you know my Baby is an intrepid traveller and very independent and I still worry about her being on the other side of the world or in the Himalyas or even cycling to work daily in London yet she knows I am still here for her as your son will know you are still there for him should he want you. Good luck to you both in this new chapter of your lives.

  5. Its hard Simone, I know from experience but they do have to spread their wings.
    I'm glad though that you are dealing with it all in a very positive way!
    V x

  6. What a wonderful post, solemn but filled with so much confidence and warmth. Good to see that you are thinking of the next step, health is everything indeed. Best wishes!

  7. It's so difficult to let out children go isn't it. I had three and each one was as hard as the next. I think you've done the right thing taking a job it will give you a fresh start, good luck.

  8. Wishing your son well at Uni and wishing you well in this new chapter of your life Simone. You sound very well prepared and positive. And soon your boy will be home for Christmas! xox

  9. I remember being stood at the Liverpool Ferry terminal whilst my younger daughter caught the ferry to the Isle of Mann for her first job. I felt so cut off from her with the sea between us.

    But since then both daughters have been like boomerangs - kept coming back for short periods for various reasons. It is now nearly 2 years since they finally left home for the longest period yet and they are now in their thirties!

    Embrace the time for yourself you deserve it.

  10. These are the sweetest little shoes. Imagine them taking you through whichever stage you're in with a child's delight and energy.
    Congratulations on your slimmer self and the independence that comes from allowing your son his wings. He will be exploring his interests in ways he can't yet imagine and you, my friend, will now have the chance to do the same.
    Best wishes.

  11. I hope your son enjoys uni life and settles well in his new place.
    I hope you are ok with all that this change brings too.
    I think you are a very wise woman to have got yourself ahead of the game with keeping busy too.
    Looking forward to reading about this new chapter!
    Lisa x

  12. I wish you and your son all the best now you are both embarking on this exciting new chapter of your lives.

    My eldest son left home several years ago now, and my middle son is working his first job and is gone from the house for most of the time. So it is much quieter around here these days, mostly just Emily and I. I have been enjoying the peace and quiet to be honest... more time to spend doing the things I like and less time clearing up after others! Plus, we have so much to talk about when we do get together :)

    Still, I know it is difficult when you don't see them as often and you have to get used to new routines. I have found setting myself a project and working towards achieving it at least a little every day to be very helpful in coping with the big changes in life.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures in this new chapter. xx

  13. Simone, I'm so impressed with the steps you took to prepare for you son's departure. This must be the weekend he is going off to university. My heart is with you - it can be emotional. I hope that your preparations and new attention to your own needs will result in a new, more independent and self-fulfilled you!! xx

  14. New chapters are what we make them. Make it a good one for you, make it about you!


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