Monday, 23 October 2017

Painting Planets

I was inspired to get out my paintbox after seeing planets painted by Melanie April Houten.  It was a good exercise for me to make colour swatches and get a feel for using paints again.  I discovered Melanie on one of Anne Butera's series on sketchbook conversations. Reading the sketchbook conversations is a highlight of my week as I know that they always manage to spark my interest and imagination.

It is wonderful to paint - not for an end product particularly - but to just blend paints on the paper and see what special effects emerge.  I have missed painting and should really get back to it even if only as a meditative exercise.  I can imagine playing some magical sounding flute or haunting Celtic music as I blend the paint and water across the page.  It is a wonderful form of mindful relaxation!

If you are looking for a hobby, I would definitely recommend watercolour painting.  You do not need a lot of materials to start out: a watercolour paper pad, a small pan of paints or a few tubes and a couple of paint brushes.  They needn't be the best quality when starting out.  Just get a feel for using the materials.  Wet the paper and then drop on colours and see what happens!  It is addictive!


  1. The planets are beautiful. I love the way the colours swirl into one another and enjoy this aspect of playing with paints too. I took a look at sketchbook conversations and can see why you were inspired! xx

  2. That's a very pretty universe Simone. :)
    V x

  3. It sounds very relaxing, Simone especially with the music you describe. The colours you have used are wonderful:)

  4. Hi Simone - I have missed your crafty work and painting too so glad to see you have your paintbox out again - it is very absorbing sketching and painting, I wish I had more time to do it. I regularly follow The Sketchbook by Shari Blaukopf - she does a sketch a day and is so inspiring.

  5. When my mother-in-law lost her husband she found her painting classes a god send for a variety of reasons.
    Lisa x

  6. This is lovely, Simone. You've caused me to remember how much I used to love painting with watercolor. And I love your describing it as a form of meditation. xx

  7. So happy to see you painting, Simone!! And I'm glad that you've been inspired by my Sketchbook Conversations.

    Wishing you many more days of creative exploration, play and joy!!


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