Friday, 20 October 2017

Change is in the Air

The Linden tree outside my house is beginning to lose its leaves.  With the prediction of a storm forecast for tomorrow afternoon I doubt there will be many leaves left on the branches by Sunday.  I was glad to get the chance to view the tree again before it is laid bare for winter.

My last post here was about the steps I took in order to get myself back on track with relation to how I viewed myself and my well-being.  To know that I am doing all I can do to take care of my mind and my body with nurturing and good nutrition has been a catalyst for improving other areas of my life.

Once I had 'cracked' where I wanted my life to go with emphasis on self improvement and self love, I was able to take charge of other things such as my home environment and make changes there that would have a positive impact on my (and others) life.  I had a big clear out in the summer and decluttered quite a few rooms.  Things then came to a standstill for a while (but that is OK) and I started to make small changes starting with the kitchen.  I had a sort out of the kitchen food drawers getting rid of out of date herbs and spices that I had been hanging onto for years!  Now I am much more discerning about my choice of flavourings and can gradually build up my new stock.  I bought a couple of large white rectangular plastic 'baskets 'and now my condiments, 'super-foods', and store cupboard packets are all within easy reach inside them.  Before making this change I had a chaotic 'system' of having everything loose inside the drawer.

Another change I have made has been meal prep for the week.  So, on a Sunday I decide what things I want to eat for the next few days and I do some preparation in advance.  During the week, when I cook the evening meals I always keep some aside for my lunch box.  Having systems in place is helping my life flow much more easily.

I think the key to organisation is keeping on top of things.  During my 'inertia' phase I was unable to make headway in sorting out my life.  Now I make a point of seeing what needs to be sorted and I sort it!

Once I got started with organising my life the momentum just kept things rolling!  At last after many years of a life on hold, I am making progress towards an environment that matches the life I want to lead.

The Linden tree above is a metaphor for my life right now.  The leaves that are spent fall off and new leaf buds emerge the following spring.  Life is all about change, renewal and rebirth.  The changing seasons is natures's way of showing us that nothing is static.  Everything needs to change and grow.


  1. Glad to hear you sounding so positive Simone. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Simone - great that your life is moving forwards and in a direction that you want it to go. I am going through our house again now looking at what we want to keep rather than what I want to get rid of. It has made a big difference to my decluttering - I really feel I am simplifying at last.

  3. I love how you're taking control Simone...wonderful!
    V x

  4. Like "where the journey takes me" said, I also have been going round house deciding what I want to keep rather than what I want to get rid of. So much easier!

    Julie xxxxx

  5. We keep having a go at decluttering here and there, roof space, shed, garage, wardrobes, bookshelves as we do want to move house to go back to live nearer to friends and relatives but all at the moment hinges around Max and keeping him comfortable and not leaving him for too long so we are in a bit of a rut at the moment. We'll get there I hope in the end. It's so good to hear you so positive about yourself and your future:)

  6. Hooray for you, Simone! I'm so glad you're moving forward with so many healthy changes. xo

  7. Wonderful how you are getting all aspects of your life organised and streamlined Simone. So great to know you are feeling so positive and happy. Xox

  8. I think having a good old sort out does wonders. I'm sure the local charity shops benefited from some donations too and they would have appreciated that.
    Being organised does life so much easier. I keep reminding myself that when I can't find something!
    Lisa x

  9. I am seeing such a change in you, Simone, and it is wonderful. So very happy for you. xx

  10. Wonderful to see you happy and healthy and living a fulfilling life, my friend!! Who knows where else this journey will take you!


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