Monday, 29 January 2018

Covent Garden and Seven Dials - Part 1

I love Covent Garden and the Seven Dials region.  It appeals to my senses.  Something old, something new, something spiritual ......

Colour on a dreary day.

An unexpected blackboard with some food for thought.

Buildings that look like they are sponsored by Crayola (they are not!)

More modern buildings.

Tatty Devine's quirky jewellery designs.

Simple but effective ready to wear accessories.

Gudrun Sjoden had a wonderful shop display.  I didn't have time to look around the shop but I went in to ask for a catalogue and not only did the staff give me a free catalogue but a lovely printed cotton bag to carry it in too!

Stanfords was full of books and maps and globes.  A travellers paradise!  Even the carpet beyond the entrance was printed like a huge map!

More photos to follow in part 2.


  1. Great Monday morning armchair travels with you, Simone!
    Would that I could walk shoulder to shoulder along with you, but am thankful for this chance to see it through your eyes.
    Looking forward to more...

  2. Modern buildings with a bit of character from a hit of colour, that makes a change from the panels of glass.
    Love Tatty Devine designs and the clothes shop looks just the kind of place where I would like to walk in and say one of everything please!
    Lisa x

  3. wonderful much colour!!
    V x

  4. How wonderful, Simone, I've enjoyed your womderful photos and exploring all those interesting shops with you:)

  5. What a wonderful looking place, Simone! So much color, style and variety! It really entices me to travel to England once more!

  6. What great colour in those photos! Xx

  7. Thanks for the distraction from snowy Vermont!
    (Gudrun's is like Pandora's box!)


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