Saturday, 13 January 2018

Naturally Sweet

Sometimes a sweet treat is called for.  I found this recipe here.  If you scroll down to desserts it is the recipe called Fudge Snowballs.  They are mainly made of ground almonds with added coconut, banana and maple syrup.  I need to chill them for 5 hours before they are ready to eat!

This year is flying past already!  There is so much I want to do and organize.  I need to food prep on Sunday's so that I know what I am going to be eating for the week ahead; arrange for an architect to plan and carry out a kitchen extension and have my first holiday in about 9 years!!!

The year is starting out as I planned.  I am continuing to eat healthily and attend a weekly exercise class.  I walk one hour daily and would like to increase my activity maybe even becoming a sporty kinda gal which is not a natural state of being for me!

Today I need to start to tidy and reorganize my craft space.  It has got so out of hand that I don't even know what supplies I have anymore.  I am still striving for a work life balance but when I concentrate on certain areas i.e. health and well-being and work, something else has to give.  If I can keep on track with keeping myself fit and well I will hopefully have the energy to sort out other areas of my life.  The house needs a complete overhaul and I need to carve out a portion of time for my creative pursuits and hobbies.  I'll get 'there' in the end!


  1. goodness you sound so energetic Simone.......send some my way....please!!!
    V x

  2. easy stages, sunbeam.
    wishing you well.

  3. Send some of your energy this way please.......

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. It is hard Simone when you work that is the downside - no time to do some of the things you love to do - yet I think work helps in other ways - extra money for one but you also have more social contact and if like my job I have to work my brain hard. I keep thinking about giving up work but then I chicken out!
    You are an inspiration to me though how you have taken your health and fitness in hand - much more important than tidying your craft room - but I know how you feel when you see areas that need sorting and you are longing to do something creative again. Finding time is so difficult but I am sure if anyone can it will be you.x

  5. The snowballs look lovely and quite easy to make, I like the look of some of the other recipes on the page you have linked to, I may give those a try. It sounds as if this kind of food is suiting you, Simone. Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  6. You are doing so well, Simone! I love seeing you this motivated, and I'm very happy for you. You will get back to crafting, but I think you're smart to begin with your health. You sound wonderful. A kitchen extension sounds exciting!! xx

  7. Thank you for the breakfast recipe. Lovely post. Stubmled across your blog this morning and I am really enjoying it.

  8. You are doing so well Simone! I can't get motivated at all.....I hope some of yours rubs off on me! Xxx

  9. Just catching up with your posts from this year.
    I LOvE your word for the year, such a wonderful way of looking at every aspect of life.
    Your Indian quilt is beautiful, what a thoughtful present.
    I'm sure you will 'get' where yo want to be, you are a very dedicated pursuer of your goals, and I hope you enjoy the journey along the way.
    Lisa x


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