Sunday, 11 March 2018

Where I'm At

I am quiet
But I'm not a fool
I watch you
Bumbling red faced man
As you rant and shout expletives

I am quiet
But I am still valid
Shouty people
Do not have the sole right to rule
Even though they think they do

I am quiet
And I watch the circus
from the sidelines
Even when they
Want to draw me in

I am quiet
I wish to stay quiet
And be quietly dignified
As I exit the door
To the quietness outside

Simone Whipp 11/3/2018


  1. This reminded me of my favourite quote
    'Quiet people have the loudest minds'

  2. Empty vessels make the loudest noises.
    A poem which gives you food for thought.
    Lisa x

  3. I like a quiet life....doesn't always happen though!
    V x

  4. Your words paint an accurate picture, Simone. We attended a public meeting last week and there were lots of bumbling and ranting folks who were completely missing the pont, I just sat quietly taking it all in feeling quite detached from it all, I was gad to get out of the door and into the fresh air afterwards:)

  5. I hope you are not having to deal with this man at work, Simone.
    When I am around "shouty" people with loud voices and persistently voiced opinions, I quickly move away, if possible. I too prefer to be quiet and pleasant, unless I feel very strongly about a subject being discussed and then try to voice my opinion in a reasonable manner. I have a feeling that we are the same in this. xx

  6. I'm totally with you there.

    I have often been called quiet and for a long time I thought of it as a bad thing and was embarrassed by it, but your poem shows just how beautiful quiet can be.

  7. A thoughtful poem Simone. 'I watch the circus from the sidelines...' I think you express a good example to us all - that we can be quiet and yet strong at the same time. xx


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