Saturday, 17 March 2018

Quote Of The Day

I'm in a pensive mood.  There is much to say but for today I will keep my thoughts to myself.  I just won't serve them tea.


  1. Don't feed those thoughts, just let them drift away or they will take over. Have a good weekend Simone:)

  2. Compared to England, America is a pretty young country. It wasn't all that long ago that the west was settled and women found themselves cut off from friends and family and had only infrequent letters to keep them in touch with their support network. How less alone they would have felt if they could have had the love and support of online friends. Doesn't matter that I've never met you in the flesh, Simone, I count you as a dear friend and as such, I care about you and you about me. Uplifting, encouraging, non judging, sharing, there have been moments of all of these between us via this amazing technology. You are not living a life in isolation. There are many of us looking through your open door called Lindengrove. We thank you for your sensitive nature and creative ways of sharing it with us. Happy last day of winter. And should I get caught up in my own thoughts as the week progresses, I'm sending you early birthday greetings. Hope you can find some lovely way to celebrate you this Saturday.

  3. Simone, I just read Sharon's comment and agree with her 100%. This is a wonderful quote and it is something I try to do myself - let my darker thoughts come and leave, through the back door, so to speak. I hope you are doing better now. Is today your birthday? If so, sending you heartfelt good wishes and affection, and many happy returns of the day! xxx


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