Monday, 23 November 2009


This is another pictureless post but 'normal' blogging will resume as soon as I get this off my chest! We often hear on the news about the downfall of modern society, about the recklessness of youths today and the fact that we are not empowered to do anything about increasing anti-social behaviour.

I was listening to a news bulletin the other day on the radio. The newsreader reported that a woman had been found lying in the street with head injuries and her hand cut off. He then went on to report other news. 'Hand cut off, hand cut off' I kept repeating to myself over and over again in disbelief. I was SHOCKED!!! I was also shocked that it was reported in a manner that was equivalent to saying its a bit windy outside or the M25 is busy southbound.

I personally think that a lot of trouble that happens today is because we are not SHOCKED enough! We have become immune to atrocities and seem to lack humanity. I think this news story should have been shouted from the rooftops with condemnation for this horrific act of violence, from those in power. Politicians are often asked their opinion on who they think should win the X-Factor or their opinion on Susan Boyle etc and not asked their opinion on things that really count.

I apologise that this post is not a happy post but I sincerely hope that you too were SHOCKED by the story above. We need to be SHOCKED by stories such as these and not become as thick skinned as not to care. It was reported that she had been on her way home from work to pick up her two boys aged 8 and 9. She died as a result of her injuries.


  1. It is indeed a truly dreadful story - I agree that we have become desensitized to the reporting of wars and violence on our screens and sometimes the reporting itself can seem unemotional or even flippant. I was also shocked because the violence was like going back to medieval times when the loss of a hand was meted out as punishment in which case I find this case very disturbing indeed!

  2. Simone I thought EXACTLY the same. I almost missed it as a report because it was so flippantly delivered. Thank you for highlighting this x

  3. You are so right Simone. Today's news has highlighted your point. All we keep hearing is that a certain woman (I can't bear to mention her name)has walked out of a t.v. show. This is a non-event and certainly not heqadline news.


  4. I agree. The world is so crazy these days and who on earth deserves to be treated in such a bad way.

  5. I am shocked just the same as you are but sadly it seems to be more and more common. So many are children are growing up today with no morals or respect and I fear for the futurr.

  6. You're quite right Simone - I think we have become immune to some degree, because we hear such a lot of bad news! And, as you say, there's plenty to be heard about talentless celebs who are constantly paraded before us in the limelight - for doing what exactly!!! But don't get me started on that subject, or you'll never get me off my soapbox!!

    By the way, thanks for your lovely words about my gingerbread couple:0)

  7. I was shocked too. Not only by the actual crime but by the way it was reported - the article I read said 'chopped off', that's just too horrible. I noticed after a couple of days they changed the language to 'mutilated'.
    Also, it took place not that far from here, and with her children so close by too - truly awful.

  8. I am constantly shocked by what happens today... so many times through my life (mostly in history lessons) I felt thankful that I lived today rather than during the times of public executions... but the older I grew the more I realised that although these things are no longer a "legal" or "entertainment" occurrence, they do still happen shockingly frequently, and we don't stop to think about them as much as we should.

  9. These stories are shocking indeed. What shocked me recently was how graphic the description of someone who had their eye gauged out by a former partner was. It left very little to the imagination and I thought it was disgusting, no one needed so much detail. And it was written in such a matter-of-fact way, when it was such a horrendous story, I was left feeling quite shaken.

  10. I am shocked - Im shocked by news all the time, about how depressing and aggressive it is, and how nonchalantly it is delivered by the news reader (as you so rightly pointed out in your post).

    For this reason, we dont buy newspapers or watch the news on tv in our house, we will perhaps catch snippits of it on radio 2 while we breakfast (a usually depressing interlude between the lighthearted hilarity that is Terry Wogan). This suffices, indeed, there is only so much bad news one can digest, dont you think? and even then, these days, that little bit is more than enough.

    Good post.
    Love J x

  11. I vote first and foremost to bring back corporal/capital punishment in our establishment. In today's society, there is no deterrent to make a person think twice when about to commit a wrongdoing.

    Celebrity is taking over the world. I hate it, and wouldn't ever buy a celebrity magazine.

    Thank you Simone for your kind words on my recent Mum post. They brought great comfort to me. x


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