Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Goal Setting Number 1

Time is one of my greatest enemies. The more I have the more I waste. It is not that I don't want more time. I just need to use it more effectively.

I have decided this year to give myself some personal goals to achieve so that I put my time to good use. As and when I come up with a new goal I will add it to my side bar.

Recently I have discovered the satisfaction in reading John Steinbeck novels. I started off by reading Of Mice And Men and then progressed to The Grapes of Wrath. I can't wait to go to bed each night just so I can curl up with a book by Steinbeck!

I find that I am getting so caught up with The Grapes of Wrath that my political views are radically changing. Now if a book can do that to a person then the writing must be good in my opinion.

Anyway, back to the goal setting. Goal number 1 is to read 10 novels by John Steinbeck during 2010.


  1. I like the idea of goal setting Simone and may well follow your example. Love Steinbeck too. x

  2. Hi Simone, they sound like great books, I have a pile of unfinished books so my goal is, get them finished, clear the garage and loft. Chuck out the mountains of paperwork I keep piling up. Organise clothes better and....well as you know I could go on and on. Hope your start to the new is year is good one.

  3. I'm reading 'Of Mice and Men' with one of my pupils.
    A lot of the schools around here seem to do it as their set book for GCSE.

    Hope you achieve your goal!

  4. Hello Simone

    I admire your goal setting intentions.
    Im aiming to achieve some goals of my own this year and its interesting that once we put the thought on paper or blog, or just say it out loud - things seem to start happening to help us on the way to achieving what we desire!!

    Good luck with all your goals!

    Love Julia x x x

  5. Hello again!

    Just got your message about the book - Im slowly working through it myself, reading through a chapter or two and then going back to do some of the journal exercises which are quite fun as Im not used to doing stuff like that. I also think Ive learnt some important things about how my thoughts and feelings can hinder my progress!!
    Would love to hear your experiences of it, once you get started if you feel like sharing!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  6. I've never read any Steinbeck but after reading this I think perhaps I had better start. I like the way you have set yourself a goal, good luck.x

  7. These are two of my favourite books, I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Reading has taken such a backseat for me lately, I don't seem to be able to just sit and read like I used to. I've got an unhealthy pile next to my bed, just collecting dust. I really ought to make time for it again!

  8. Goal setting is a great idea. I had to confess I had no idea John Steinbeck had written that many books! I have read Of Mice and Men though and loved it.

  9. What a good idea to set yourself goals to achieve the things you want to do. I don't remember reading Steinbeck at school - just Hemmingway - perhaps on your recommendation I should have a go at 'Of Mice and Men':)

  10. I read Of mice and men for my English Lit o'level too many years ago to remember!
    I have never picked up a Steinbeck since!

  11. Hi Simone - just been catching up here. I like your goal-setting idea. I have read only 'Mice and Men' but need to read more Steinbeck.

    I've set a few goals - jewellery aims, personal, social. Haven't achieved any yet, but then the snow and the time of year has everyone hibernating a little doesn't it? I want to do little more than eat cake.

  12. You are having so many good ideas, I am most inspired coming here today. I definitely need of a bit of organisation, structure and direction in my life at the right now.
    Mind You I am secretly into re-reading the Milly-Molly-Mandy books at the moment Shhhhhhh!



  13. Hope you start reading 'East of Eden' soon .. you'll enjoy it !
    By far, the best novell I've ever read .. so I read it twice.
    Ill do it again some time..


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