Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I have been tagged by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P to list 10 things that make me happy.

A succulent home made fruit cake.

Fresh flowers, crocheted blankets and a victoria sponge sandwich cake.

Botanical gardens.

A perfectly formed snow drop.

Watercolour painting.

A tree full of blossom.

Crafting with paper.

A summer meadow. What 10 things make you happy?


Gillian L. said...

I like the idea of writing 10 things that make me happy. I love your watercolour and have enjoyed visiting your blog. Happy New Year to you!


Dragonfly said...

Very nice! Happy weekend :-)

Lyn said...

your paper girl is still waiting i see, waiting to have her story told! i might do a list too if you dont mind?

skippinginthemeadow said...

These ten things have made me feel happy too, all are essentials ,I think. Of course I am very taken with the summer meadow :o) isn't it gorgeous? but the thing that cheers me most is Your wonderful daffodil painting..and the's really lovely, Simone.
ThankYou for your visit and lovely warm comment. I am happy to be back to, but am taking it very slowly (haven't posted anything further yet) I am hoping that the coming of Spring will help build up the momentum. I going to be blogging proper at Skipping in the Meadow, once I am ready to really start. Hare in the Meadow is going to be a Monthly magazine (at least that the plan). I am hoping it will contain lots of extra, interesting bits.
Hope You have a good week, with not too many weather probs. xxx

Kathy said...

A lovely list ..... lots of spring and summer happy things to look forward to. I love your watercolour painting!

Beansieleigh said...

Simone.. BOTH of your cakes looked they could very easily be MY favorites too!! Love your painting too! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

Rosie said...

What lovely things, Simone - that fruit cake looks gorgeous as does your sponge cake! Kathy has tagged me too so I'm hoping to put my 10 things in a post later today:)

summerfete said...

Hiya Simone

Your comments!

Finally getting crochet has made me happy this weekend!

And its just started to snow again!!

Hope you are having a fab weekend!


Michela said...

Hello Simone, it was lovely to read more about you, thank you for sharing! Great pictures!

periwinkle said...

we had sponge for tea tonight and I love meadows ........ the other 8 I think I'll need to poner on :-)

Gina said...

Love all your things..the cakes look delicious..and your painting is beautiful :)

The Girl said...

Funnily enough I've just posted about 10 things that make me happy so if you wanted to know you could come over and have a look!

I'm looking forward to seeing some blossom filled trees in the months to come!

And I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to attempt something like your crocheted blanket!

cathleen said...

I loved your ten, Simone! Ten things quickly:
Being loved, granddaughters, crafting, good health, long walks, yummy food, cozy home, enough money to pay the bills, comments on my blog, feeling a sense of well-being at any given moment.

Judy Hartman said...

Just catching up with blogging friends and loved this post, Simone! Nice to learn a bit more about you!
What makes me happy? Family, friends, art, music, reading, nature, laughter, conversation, creativity and hugs!!