Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Year of Action?

My 'year of action' hasn't exactly gone to plan so far. I have had a stinker of a cold since New Years Day and have spent the last few days hibernating. I still have the cold but am feeling better in myself so today I decided to just get on with it!

So far today I have:

  • poached some dried fruit with honey and served with a warming bowl of porridge for breakfast
  • made a thick, nutritious, garlicky lentil soup for lunch
  • baked a clove studded ham with a marmalade glaze for dinner tonight
  • written a short poem whilst watching the snow falling:

Silent snow softly falling
Flake on flake on flake

Silent snow softly drifting
bewildered birds on frozen lake

Silent snow softly settling
Patterns and tracks animals make

Silent snow

I hope that you are all well and staying safe and warm if the snow is causing you problems.x


  1. I like your poem and so impressed with what you have achieved in the kitchen this morning!
    I think I may be back at work tomorrow-hope it's not to icy!!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now - your cooking sounds very tasty. I love your poem - I can feel the soft silence of newly fallen snow:)

  3. What a beautiful poem!

    Sorry to hear you have been feeling so rough, hoping you feel much better soon x

  4. Hello my lovely friend! Sorry you've been unwell, hope you feel soon 100% yourself! You've been a busy bee I read! Love your poem, snow makes everything so unreal

  5. Lovely poem. plans haven't gone to plan either. No wonder I don't make resolutions! Mine resolution was to walk home from work every other day - Huh!

  6. Hibernating is propbably the best thing at the moment.Hope you are feeling much better. Loved the poem :-)

  7. I love the silence of snow, broken by the crunch when you walk in it.

    I think I'll make soup tomorrow...

  8. I love the snow poem, you are clever!
    All that cooking sounds lovely…must think diet. ;0(

    I hope you feel better soon…love Lou xxx

  9. Your poem is beautiful Simone! Sorry to hear you've been sick, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better! Keep taking care of you, and be sure to give Gizmo a little kiss from his Aunt Beansie in Blogland! (0; ~tina

  10. Get well soon, keep warm - your recipies sound divine and just the job for a cold snap!

    Ps, beautiful poem!

    Take care
    Julia xxx

  11. Simone...hope you are feeling better today. You sure know how to cook up a storm...and have the time to write poetry too. Lovely little poem, by the way.

  12. A 'PS' about jam...

    try Waitrose if you have one, or sainsburys might - its not all that readily available in these parts although you might strike lucky!

    Love Julia x x x

  13. Lovely poem Simone and I hope your cold is better soon:0)

  14. Happy New Year Simone. I do hope you are feeling much better.
    I have never grown up, doesn't matter how old I look, I still feel like a kid inside and am loveling all this snow.
    It has been great meeting you and hope we can share so much more togther in 2010.
    Carol xxx

  15. Hello Simone - I've just stumbled upon your blog .... I think we may be kindred spirits. My favourite childhood book was Tales of Toyland. I even hunted it down when my own daughter was little and loved it all again.... I also remember making a new crepe paper dress for our Christmas fairy every year ..... simple pleasures!

  16. Beautiful poem... inspires quiet reflection.


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