Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Learning New Skills

As I was contemplating the sunset a few nights ago, I started to think back to the promises I had made for myself this year. It was to be a year of action and a year of learning new skills as well as applying some of the old ones in practising painting or drawing every day.

Today I learnt a new skill. Today I learned how to do clay pigeon shooting. For a beginner I didn't do too bad at all. In fact, as you can see from our score sheets, I beat the boys!!!


  1. Well done you - hope you had a fab time - only done it once and it took about a week for my shoulder to stop hurting!! Hope you are ok!

  2. sounds like an interesting hobby to practice after a tiring day at work!
    Love the sunset over London! xxx

  3. Woohoooooo thats very exciting!!! Well done you!
    I know all about forgotten new year goals etc, I have a few of my own that have ground to a halt and Im trying, like you, to remind myself to push a little bit further this year.

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  4. Crikey! I didn't expect you to say that...but it makes a change from baking cakes, eh?
    Glad you did so well!

  5. I did clay pigeon shooting years ago, I had a big bruise on my arm but really enjoyed it.
    PS The cheques in the post!

  6. Well done! I did some a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I'd love to have another go.

  7. Well that is something completely different, I wasn't expecting that! Well Done!

  8. Well, that certainly is a new skill! Sounds like great fun:)

  9. A great sky photo Simone. Good shot, with the gun that is! My Dad would be so relieved the pigeons were made out of clay. He breeds the real thing, and has enough trouble with deterring hawks! x

  10. Love the clay pigeons! I have a Browning over/under. Quite a kick!


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