Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Feeling Flaky

 I am feeling particularly flaky today.  A beautiful, majestic pear tree a few gardens away from my house is being chopped down.  Not only was it lovely to look at but it provided shelter and a food source to various birds and wildlife.  Now there is a gaping hole where it once stood and I now lack the privacy and interest the tree provided.  I will never know why the tree was chopped down.  Maybe it was unsafe or diseased or maybe the owners just don't like trees.  Blogger seems to have changed and I can't find a way of aligning my writing to the left.  I had to choose the caption option.
I treated the kitchen to a lovely shiny planter today.  My herbs snuggle up very nicely together inside it. 
The picture above is still to go up on my dining room wall.  It is a huge picture 50 x 100cm and only a portion of it is displayed above.  It is a print by Sam Toft and full of lots of lovely vivid colours.  My orchid is still thriving and can be seen in front of the picture to the left.  Despite feeling slightly unhinged today - dropping all my credit cards and change on a shop floor and scrabbling around trying to pick it all up, despite going to bed on an argument and not resolving it this morning, despite having tears burst from my eyes for no apparent reason on my way back from the shops, despite it starting to rain even though sun was forecast - I feel surprisingly optimistic.  Today has been a bit of a downer but I have plans to make tomorrow better!!!


magsmcc said...

What's that nursery rhyme about a pear tree?

Julie Rutter said...

good for you to be keeping positive and looking forward to tomorrow. i hope your neighbours plant a new pear tree.
Your herb planter looks lovely as does your picture. I imagine it's one that can be stared at for hours. Juliex

marigold jam said...

Sounds as if you are having one of those days and hopefully things can only improve from now on! Keep positive and I am sure they will. Love the herb planter and the picture.

Rosie said...

It is always sad to see a tree cut down. Your lovely planter and print are so colourful and will bring you pleasure, I'm sure. Hope things get better tomorrow:)

Vintage Tea Time said...

Keep your spirits up! Lovely planter - little things like that can really help, I find - I bought a little cream metal watering can today and I keep looking at it and smiling (bonkers, I am!). Take care XX

crafty cat corner said...

Oh how I hate days like that. You know you'll feel okay tomorrow but at the time it feels you'll be like it forever.
What a shame about the tree, I hate to see any tree cut down, I look on them as sort of people and love them all.
Hope you feel better soon

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I have to say seeing trees cut down really annoys me too, so I can fully understand that!!
At least your feeling optimistic for tomorrow and that planter IS beautiful! :)
Vivienne x

Ali said...

Hi, hope you are having a better day today and feeling a bit brighter :-) Love your herb planer - hmm might have to pinch that idea - my to do list is getting longer and nothing seems to be getting crossed off :-(, If I could stop reading lovely blogs I might get more done lol big hugs to you xx

Kathy said...

Isn't it awful when you get a day like that? But you sound like you're coping well despite everything! I love your herb planter!

Julia said...

I love that Sam Toft print - off to look it up now!!

Julia x

Rosie said...

Hope you are feeling better now but at least you sound as down as you have done in the past. Shame about the tree.
The photo of the planter is enough to cheer me up.I want one.x

Pipany said...

I was all over the place yesterday too Simone, but this morning is another day (imagine a southern belle accent here!) x

Helen Philipps said...

I hope you are feeling better today - days like that are better in the past, and we all have them sometimes. Glad you're feeling more optimistic despite that. I'm so sorry about the tree being cut down - maybe your neighbours will plant something nice in its place. Love your herb planter and your picture. Have a good rest of the week.
Helen x

Diane said...

I'm getting fed up with all the gloomy news on TV - I think I might turn to anarchy . It looks like more fun. Love the painting. xxxx

amanda claire said...

Sorry you've had "one of those days" but glad to hear you're staying positive!

Also sorry about the pear tree... there was a glorious pear tree next door when we arrived, and it hung over our fence and we had TONNES of pears in the autumn... but then a couple of months ago the neighbours just cut it down with no warning... I mourned the loss of that tree... just as a mourned the loss of my aunt's cob nut tree when she cut it down... I hate seeing trees go :(

Scented Sweetpeas said...

It is amazing how attached you can get to a tree, so sad it got chopped down :-( I would ask why they did it, I did when they cut down a lovely tree in our village but is had a fungus so had to be cut down before it infected the other tree :-(

Anne said...

Hooray for optimism!!

So sad about that pear tree.

Your herbs are looking lovely in that shiny planter. What gorgeous color to compliment the green of the leaves. Glad too see all that colorful loveliness, your herbs, your orchid, that lovely picture!

Lyn said...

Hope the next day was a better one for you Simone?
Wind and rain here but I just know spring is here and that makes me smile!
love and hugs