Monday, 23 January 2012

Looking to the Horizon

I was in a reflective mood as I walked around a local park today.  Looking out to the horizon I felt that this was a metaphor for my life.  Always looking out to the horizon but never quite been able to reach it, for when one reaches the has gone.


  1. So, it is then, the same for each one of us. I rarely see the horizon here, there seems always to be something in the way, but it is usually a tree or two to focus upon.

  2. Do you know I was doing just the same thing myself while walking round the park today!
    You have to keep looking though. :)
    V x

  3. Looking to the horizon is a healthy exercise, both for the eyes and the spirit. Jerome's cousin once lived in an A-frame in the northwoods of the upper peninsula of Michigan. The treeline was within 50 feet of the cabin in all directions. She said it was like living in a well. Instead of being peaceful she felt agitated. I felt exactly the same when I visited there. I couldn't wait to leave.
    That's a big part of why I chose to live on the ridge. . . the limitless horizon. It's a good thing, Simone.

  4. I suppose we all keep searching for that elusive horizon, always wanting to know what is ahead, down the lane, around the next corner. The sky in your photo is so blue:)

  5. It is the same for me I look out towards the horizon wondering, wishing and then life gets in the way but still I go back to looking.x

  6. Lovely photo,'s true we never reach the horizon, but it's interesting making the journey towards it!
    (Btw, I hope some more beads have been winging their way to you, I look forward to seeing the necklace you make.)
    Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  7. I love the photo Simone!


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