Friday, 11 January 2013


I listen to the radio on a daily basis.  I only listen to phone in and talk shows (LBC) and never music.  As I haven't been in the work place for 15 years I miss voices and general chitter chatter.  I love to hear different accents and tones of voice and the pronunciation of words. 

Yesterday I was playing back a phone message and heard myself speak.  I was so shocked.  I came across as dull and monotone.  There were uncomfortable gaps in the conversation and my speech was slovenly.  So here is yet another imperfection that I need to work on! 

I come from a working class background in South East London so you can probably imagine the kind of accent I have, but instead of having a fast talking chirpy cockney lilt, my voice just sounds uneducated and boring!

Thank goodness I am able to write as a way of expression as I can't see myself making it as a radio presenter any time soon.


rusty duck said...

Our voices seem very different to how we imagine them to be when we hear them for the first time. I can't stand listening to my voice either, perhaps because to me it sounds so strange.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

You're way too hard on yourself Simone! I' m sure your voice is lovely, no one likes to listen to themselves as we all sound different to what we imagine we speak like. Just imagine my mid-Ulster accent!!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend,
Vivienne x

Toffeeapple said...

Yes, you are too hard on yourself! Lighten up my dear, you really aren't as bad as you seem to think you are.


Paula said...

Never having heard you Simone I can't comment on your voice although I'm sure you're being over critical of yourself but I think your handwriting is simply beautiful, as you must've guessed I have received your lovely card.

dappled days said...

I am very interested in voices too and love hearing regional accents.
My sister and I were born several years apart and raised in different counties. She has a charming south london accent and I am one of those now very rare species that speak with a kentish burr.
I think it's very rare for someone to like the sound of their own recorded voice, I am sure you sound perfectly lovely to others.

Rosie said...

We never sound how we imagine when we hear our own voice, mine always sounds higher than I think it is. I eventually got used to hearing it when I worked in a museum and made lots of oral history tapes by interviewing lots of older people about their life and work but it took a long time to not cringe when I heard it. I love to hear different kinds of voices, especially regional accents and I'm sure you have a lovely voice, Simone:)

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Answer phone messages are always the worst - I hate hearing my voice on the voice mail message at work. I am sure however that you do have a lovely voice in person. As the previous commenter said your handwriting is beautiful and thank you so much for your lovely card it was so thoughtful and I am absolutely thrilled to receive it. I would like to return your kindness if you email me your address sometime. Viv x

Puppet Lady said...

I think it's probably the same for most people, unless you're a professional 'speaker' of some sort. What you say is more important than how you say it, surely?

sharon said...

There's an old saying that goes something like this: the forest would be a very quiet place if only those who sang best sang at all. Just as we need all the colors of the rainbow, we need all the interesting varied and sometimes amusing voices to bring the world to life. Don't be so down on yourself. What I've "heard" you say through your blog is beautiful and that's all that matters. And who hasn't heard her own voice and thought "Is that what I sound like?????" Though I'm an American I watch British shows mostly, via the internet and the public library. I've grown to love the wide assortment of accents you have over there. And someday I'd love to hear yours.

Judy Hartman said...

You have received such great comments on this post, Simone!! I never thought I had an accent until we moved from Boston to New York!! There I endured 8 years of being teased for my "Boston accent"!
I love regional accents and I'm sure I'd be charmed by yours! I'm sending you a separate email with a little taste of my accent. I actually think it would be a lot of fun for all of us "blogging friends" to put videos of us speaking on our blogs - it adds another dimension to getting to know someone!