Monday, 14 January 2013

January Blues

I am feeling a little blue today.  Gizmo is not feeling too happy today either as I keep putting him outside in the garden.  The reason for this is if he stays indoors for most of the day then come 7.30-8.30pm he starts playing up and wanting to go outside then!

After the weather people threatening snow for the last few days, we finally had a sprinkling.  Not white, fluffy snow but sleety snow that dissolved on reaching the ground.  It is bitterly cold though.

Sometimes the January blues can come on with no real reason but my reasons are as follows:

  • Trying to get washing dry in a cold, damp and literally rotting conservatory.
  • Having to dry clothes over radiators or the clothes horse next to the radiators.
  • My son poorly with a chest infection.
  • A continual feeling as though I am about to 'come down' with something.
  • The main phone line down since Friday (I don't own a mobile phone).
  • Condensation running down all the windows in the house (except in the dining room shown above).
  • and the worst thing of all,  the smell of a dead rat in the downstairs toilet!  I know it is the smell of a dead animal because we had baits set many years ago in a house we lived in and it is the exact smell of the corpses.  

Now to look at the bright side!

  • There is talk of us maybe buying a tumble dryer (time to move into the 21st Century!)
  • My son is feeling a bit better.
  • A phone Engineer has arrived to sort out the phone problem.
  • Once the temperature warms up I am going to give the house a clean and spruce up.
  • The smell of the dead animal should have subsided by Spring!!!
I hope that the January blues are not affecting you all too much.  When it is bleak outside and cold inside it is hard not to be down in the dumps.  I am going to try to keep myself as occupied as possible and look ahead to the sunny days to come.


  1. Oh poor Gizmo, bet he still plays up tonight though to get his own back..........LOL! I'm with you on the cold damp rotting conservatory, I now put the washing at the top of the stairs as hot air rises in theory!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Sometimes we have to go through difficult days and then we can appreciate the good ones even more. I feel I could just hibernate at the moment, getting to work in a morning is such a trial - scraping windscreens, unfreezing locks and then having cold air circulate round my legs for most of my journey while the car heater warms up - I would much prefer to be in my warm cosy bed a bit longer.

  3. PS Gizmo is looking through the window just how Tiger did when he wanted to come in. How can you resist those 'aren't you going to let me in' eyes!!

  4. I agree trying to dry washing at the moment is a nightmare!!
    I hope your son feels much better soon and I'll bet Gizmo is now inside in the heat, how could you resist that little face! :)
    V xxx

  5. Perhaps you need a few flowers to cheer you up! If you have forsythia bushes in your garden, now would be the perfect time to cut some to force inside. Everything feels better with flowers and a cup of tea!

    Hope the January Blues pass soon!

  6. January is a horrid month, my least favourite. It feels like the middle of the night when we get up for work then it is dark when we go home, I wanted to go for a walk in the snow this morning but just had to watch it through the classroom window. It had gone all slushy by lunchtime and the children were not happy! Glad things are looking a bit brighter, just think it is half way through the month, not long until spring! Xxx

  7. Lovely shot of Gizmo. even if he's surely cold, poor thing!
    I like your positive attitudine and thumb up for the tumble dryer!
    I really envy you Simone, for not owning a mobile phone...I regret those times...

  8. It is a miserable time of year, but it will pass. Keep looking on the bright side.

  9. The January blues are common around here, too, Simone. But today we had an unexpected perk - a relatively warm day for winter, with nice sunshine! As I walked outside I heard a few people say that they had abandoned their household tasks to get outside and enjoy the weather! But we will be back to cold temperatures tomorrow.
    I find that, on a "blue" day, my best comfort comes from being creative or cleaning out an untidy spot in my house! At least I feel like I have accomplished something!! xx

  10. So sun where we are trying to avoid the heat, it hard to think of your long cold slow days, I say go for the dryer.

  11. Our two cats don't want to go out at all at the moment, I know what you mean about getting washing dry - we don't have a tumble dryer either. I know the 'dead rat' smell too from a time,years ago, when a shop next door to where I worked put rat poison under their floorboards before they vacated the premises - it took weeks to sort it out and the smell lingered for ages. I think January is the worst month for feeling low so give yourself little treats to get through - we're halfway there!!:)

  12. My friend swears by these

    for staying up-beat in the winter months.

    Your sofa looks so very comfortable.

  13. Getting washing dry in these damp and cold months is a bind isn't it. We always have things draped over the bannister and the indoor line hanging over the stairs always seems to be full. Looking forward to when the washing smells of fresh air again!
    We haven't had any snow either as yet, it's been trying all morning but has now turned sleety.
    Hope you are feeling less blue.
    Lisa x

  14. I love the picture of sweet Gizmo peeping through the window! But sorry to hear you've been having the January blues. I hope your new plans will help improve things for the future. A dryer is a big help in our damp climate!
    Wishing you a happy week, Simone.
    Helen x


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