Saturday, 19 January 2013

I Blog Therefore I Am

In March 2013 I have been blogging for five years.  Blogging means a great deal to me.  It gives me a voice, a way of expression, a connection to other like-minded people, a purpose for living and the attention that I secretly desire.  Blogging has become part of who I am. 

As well as writing for my own blog, I love to read other people's blogs too and regularly comment on my favourite ones. Just recently a few of my favourite writers have decided to stop blogging. I am always sad when this happens.  It is like a favourite author giving up writing books.  I really hope that they don't give up for good.  I think I will always be a writer as I feel compelled to do so.  I write therefore I am.

Have you wondered what the picture of a cabbage is doing at the top of the post?  Well, I didn't fancy putting up a picture of the snowy scenery all around as the novelty has worn off!  Anyway, the reason for the cabbage photo is to illustrate a great quote accompanying an article in the Telegraph Magazine today:

'If it's a full moon the cabbages
keep on growing through
the night, so you have to keep
an eye on them'

The article was about growing cabbages and the many virtues they have.  I can now imagine cabbages all around the country swelling to gigantic proportions on the night of a full moon!


  1. I have a Savoy cabbage on my counter-top; it has been there for about three weeks but, because it is still in water, it has remained as it should be. Destined for soup soon though.

    I am fed up with the snow too.

  2. I hadn't realised cabbages were so romantic, although I have always found them beautiful and rather underated.
    Your blog is a lovely place to visit, full with gems. I hope you will continue to write here for many, many years to come.

  3. I'm still happy about the snow. But I hate it when bloggers stop too. Especially when theres just a fizzling out.

  4. All very green here, so no snowy pictures to take! But BITTERLY cold.
    Congratulations on up coming blogoversary. Five years is quite an achievement!

  5. There is something very beautiful about a cabbage, don't you think!
    Our snow was thankfully very short-lived.
    You keep on writing Simone, we'll keep on reading. :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne xxx

  6. Aren't cabbages becoming less popular to eat? I'm sure I heard that somewhere?
    I like the ornamental ones in the garden and the green china dishes in cabbage leaf shapes, but I'll pass on eating a proper one thanks!
    Lisa x

  7. At this very moment I have a pot of red kidney beans and savoy cabbage soup bubbling away for dinner later.

    There's still a lot of snow around here, it looks very pretty but I wish it would melt away quickly so things can get back to normal.

  8. That's a great photo, quote and mental image of giant cabbages!! Yes, I too would be disappointed to see yours or others of my favorite blogs disappear! Please keep Linden Grove going and I will keep visiting! xx

  9. I love Blogging too, and for me the same reason. I am very shy so it has helped with that too. I sometimes read blogs and get into them follow them, then I feel oh dear I have joined the list of followers and then they decided not to blog anymore!
    I shall look at cabbages differently from now on!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. I've just been for a walk in the snow and it was very invigorating but like you I'd like to see the end of it as life seems on hold as many things can't be done whilst the snow is on the ground. Love your photo of the cabbage! I love red cabbage but am not so fond of the green variety which is strange because I love other green veg like brussels, cauliflower and broccoli. Like you I have a blog anniversary in March and like you I continue to enjoy the whole process of it:)

  11. HI Simone,
    A beautiful photo of a Savoy cabbage that just made me want to go and buy one.
    I still read your blog even though I am not writing much myself. Congratulations on your five years and here's to the next five. x

  12. I enjoying Blogging also and reading your is always a nice wy of seeing what you have been up to.

  13. I've always thought cabbages were rather beautiful and once drew some when I was an art student. I have also cross stitched cabbages into kitchen garden designs. I didn't know they grew so fast though till I read this amusing quote today!! I like the things you find to blog about, Simone!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  14. Hi Simone...five years...I hope I can blog for as long as this- it is quite an achievement. I remember finding your blog through Dorset Cereals I think it was and it would probably have been when I had a long stint at home after my operation and whilst waiting for my radiation treatment. You always have interesting posts to read even about cabbages and I look forward to reading more over the next five years. I am snowed in so I got to stay home and work from here. I just love the winter wonderland effect outside. x


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