Monday, 21 January 2013

White Monday

According to the British media today is known as Blue Monday.  It is said to be the most depressing day of the year!  Looking in my garden it appears to be a very white Monday.  The snow is giving the plants a final rest and a blanket to slumber under before they burst up through the earth in the Spring.

I should really be using this time wisely and planning my garden for the coming year but I really cannot get motivated.  My mind is somewhat askew at the moment.  I want to make things and do things but my confidence is at an all time low for no apparent reason.

I wish I could capture that sunny day feeling and lightness of spirit that I must have had once upon a time.  Those days seem long gone now.  Spring cannot come soon enough.


  1. We all need sunshine Simone. We got off quite lightly with the snow until late this afternoon, when it came down hard and then decided to stay.
    So yes bring on the springtime!!
    V xxx

  2. We do need some sunshine, Simone! I'm looking forward to springtime too! I like your snowy photo today. Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  3. Looks like you have lots of the white stuff, won't be long till spring.

  4. Feel I wasted my snow day today...just couldn't get into anything. It is only January but spring will be here soon..x

  5. Yes, keep the faith Simone, it will soon be Spring.
    Let's hope this year has more sunshine in it.

  6. I know how you are feeling! Last week I was on top of the world, feeling happy. Wanting to do things, make thing and today well I'm back to square one feeling quite down don't want to do anything, don't want to make anything, it must be the weather!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  7. The sun is shining here this morning after a cold night that has frozen yesterday's soft snow, it looks so beautiful and yet still makes me feel trapped in the house and longing for spring - it is just around the corner, waiting! When it comes it will bring back that lightness of spirit and creativity you feel you have lost. Take carexx

  8. Hi Simone! What a nice blog!
    I'm feeling a bit down myself, too! I blame winter! I didn't know that there is a name for that Monday!It fits!
    Nice photo, at first I thought it was clouds!Hopefully your weather will come to us in Greece the next days!
    Thank you for entrying my giveaway!

  9. I don't think any but the most ardent gardeners can make themselves plan for 2013 till it warms up a bit Simone. I hope your blue MOnday has turned into a more sunny Tuesday - it was rather brighter here today and I nearly (NEARLY!) went for a walk. But I spent too much time on line and then it was too late! Oh well - perhaps tomorrow as I'm not working!

  10. Snuggle up and keep warm and dream of what you will do in the Spring...and keep blogging because we are always here to listen. x

  11. Ah, bleak weather is depressing indeed! We also had snow last night and we're having bitter cold at the moment - not conducive to going out!! I tried to get started on a creative project today, but that soon fizzled out!! Let's all just cozy up and give ourselves a little break!! xx


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