Thursday, 23 May 2013


Oh to be a cat. To be able to climb to the highest point and survey all that is below you.  I don't know how Gizmo managed to reach the top of the washing line post but claws, agility and sheer determination must have got him there.

Talking of agility, I am not feeling very agile today.  Something 'went' in my back on Tuesday night and I am shuffling around like a person twice my age.  Even trying to put on a slipper requires a strategic plan.  After my euphoria of last week I am feeling a little downbeat today.  It is impossible to bend down and reach anything below table height without shouting out an expletive!  To sneeze is most terrifying and I have to brace myself each time it happens.  I don't know what else to do except 'ride the storm'.

I have put on the filter coffee machine and will seek solace in some chocolate cake and a few good books. 


  1. Well the lovely picture has cheered us both up! do they do that? I mean how wide the wood he is lying on? Hope you feel better soon. My little twinges after gardening seems nothing to your back.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Why don't we take lessons from our cats ,then, to cope with all the difficulties in life?I mean climb up and see things from a distance more clearly!

  3. Hi Simone :D long time since I visited but what treats I missed! Sorry to catch you on a bad day, hope the coffee and cake work their magic and have you purring and fully flexible soon!
    love pamela x

  4. Gizmo looks very proud of himself to have reached such dizzy heights! Your back sounds very painful- do take care and rest for a few days - I hope it feels easier soon:)

  5. Hope you feel better, enjoy the coffee and cake!

  6. Lovely to see Gizmo, so calm and relaxed. Hope your back gets better soon. I've been having twinges this week too. I'm not normally one to take painkillers, but last time I had back pain, I found that taking paracetomol regularly really helped. I know what you mean about the slippers!

  7. He looks very 'King of the Jungle' up there! Hope your back rights itself soon.

  8. Sorry to hear about your back problems, I remember the pain and discomfort when I hurt mine the other year and how it was so difficult to move.
    I hope the coffee and cake and a bit of rest all help you to feel tip top very soon.
    Lisa x


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