Thursday, 24 October 2013

More Words

With hindsight, I feel it was a little irresponsible of me to put out such a negative post yesterday but that was how I felt at the time.  Thank you for your valued comments.  I don't think that counselling is the answer for me.  I don't want to be paying someone to sit and listen to me.  I want someone to inspire me, poke me in the ribs and motivate me into action!  I am not looking for sympathy but for guidance.  I am too much of a dreamer and an idealist and I need someone who can bring me down to earth in a positive way.  I also seek a bit of fun in my life.  Things have been far too heavy over the last few years and I seek lightness and joy!

I will try to keep my negative thoughts on here down to a minimum but can't guarantee that they won't pop up from time to time.  I realise that I am like everybody else and that we all have our trials and tribulations in life but one difference is that we all have different thresholds and coping mechanisms.  Unfortunately my threshold for handling disappointment is very low.

I must try harder to hold on to all that is good in my life.  Yesterday's highlight was feeding surplus pears to the piglets up at the farm.  They were such a joy to watch as they scrabbled about, pushing down their snouts to retrieve the pears that were getting embedded in the mud.  One little piglet was running around showing off the two pears clamped in his mouth - nobody was getting those off of him!


  1. Glad you're feeling a little more positive today Simone!
    Piglets are such a joy to watch. :)
    V xxx

  2. You and I should get together! I feel exactly the same. I need a good poke in the ribs, a good kick in the botty.
    Are you sure you are not my double, my long lost relative, we seem to run the same road together.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. I've just read both your posts as I didn't see your one of yesterday. I agree with the comments on your last post in that the course you went on was aimed at mored a high powered business than you were thinking of. You sound a little more positive today though and I love your description of the piglets eating the pears:)

  4. I suspect that having written yesterday's post, things were more in perspective for you. That is the good thing about a blog, you can use it as a sounding board.

    I was communing with piglets today, too, such pretty little things.

  5. Hi Simone - I have only just read your posts and hope by the time you read this you are feeling a bit better - you have had a rough time recently and I think lots of doubts. I can honestly say that my daughter and friends have managed to set up their shop with a minimum of funds and certainly nothing like £2,000. It must have been pretty off putting rather than motivating. Perhaps you need to concentrate on a range of goods that you could put into a shop on sale or return. I know it is hard to keep going when you feel you are not getting anywhere - my role as mum at the moment is listening to both my girls as one is applying for new jobs and the other has just started a business and they are both feeling those niggly doubts and uncertainties. Just remember you make some beautiful things and the ones that don't work out are maybe just the prototype for a stunning new design. xx


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