Thursday, 30 April 2015

I Blame John Gray

This post is a diversion from my usual kind of blog post.  It is more of an accolade to the writer John Gray of Going Gently fame whose blog I have been following for several years.  John Gray is a house husband to Chris and they live in a cottage in the sleepy Welsh village of Trelawnyd.  His daily posts are an entertaining read and will leave you laughing, crying or even wondering!  He works night shifts as a nurse on a trauma unit, volunteers as a Samaritan, looks after a menagerie of animals including three terriers, Winnie the bulldog, a rabbit catching cat, Camilla the Canadian goose and a field full of animals.

He is kind, open and authentic but uses colourful language for added impact on an occasion!  He also talks far too candidly about his animals toilet habits, but they are the kinds of posts that attract the most comments to his blog!  He is an avid The Walking Dead fan despite the rest of his audience not being so enthusiastic!

Last year John invited blog readers to take part in the novelty vegetable category at the show being held in the village.  We made our entries and posted the photos off to John.  They was all put on display around the village hall and came from countries around the globe (he has an international following you know?)

Anyway, to wrap up this post, the most memorable thing about John is his passion for Scotch eggs.  I even succumbed to the subliminal messages I have received from his blog posts over the years and bought myself one for lunch today.  I blame John Gray.  You can read one of his Scotch egg posts here.


John Gray said...

I bet it tasted bloody bloody lovely!
I think i should be on comission from the scotch egg association
Thank you sooo much for the big up

John Gray said...

And i am happy to be blamed
Lets spread the scotch egg word

Rosie said...

Oh, Simone - haven't had a Scotch Egg since I became a vegetarian in the late 1970s but we saw some veggie ones in a farm shop a few weeks ago and were tempted. I may have to seek some out now:)

Gillian said...

I'm sure you enjoyed it!

Lisa said...

I read John's blog too Simone, you sum it up very well.
Hope you enjoyed the Scotch egg!
Lisa x

Sue said...

You sum up his blog very well.

He'll get cross if you inspire a new craze for scotch egg eating and all the shops sell out though :-)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well that all sounds like a lot of fun, except perhaps with me being a veggie, the Scotch Egg !!
V x

Simone said...

Hi Vivienne, I think veggie ones are available too according to Rosie! x

Helen Philipps said...

This does sound like a lot of fun, and I will soon be popping over for a read!
Happy weekend, Simone.
Helen xox

Anne Butera said...

That is so funny. I will have to look for his blog.

I've never had a scotch egg. They sound interesting.

Hope you enjoyed it!