Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Random Facts

I read recently that a blog has to be fed regularly or else people won't visit!  I am struggling with a blog post to write today so instead I will leave you with some random facts.

  • Every year I say to myself that I am going to make elder flower cordial - I never do.

  • Failing that I say I am going to make elder berry cordial - guess what?  Correct!

  • I dislike orange flavoured things (apart from oranges).

  • My favourite times of day are early morning and early evening.

  • My sister is obsessed with John Ruskin and anything to do with him.

  • I once nearly owned a Selkirk Rex cat.  I named him Cookie and was due to collect him after a holiday.  I was so excited that I thought about him throughout the holiday.  When I returned the breeder said that Cookie had an accident and was blind in one eye and said she was keeping him.  I cried like a baby.

  • I often cry like a baby.

  • I went pony trekking in Wales when I was eleven.  I cantered across the beach like a pro.  I am still frightened of horses.  My 'pony' (a very large one) was called Shane.  We had a mutual dislike of each other. 

  • My Mum recently reminded me that at my interview for secondary school when asked what I wanted to be upon leaving I replied 'a stripper or a nun'.

  • I can be controversial.

  • I didn't take up either.

  • I am an introvert but you knew that already.


  1. Haha, you have made me laugh Simone, not sure if that was your intention but you have!
    An introverted stripper!!! Not sure how that would work!
    Great post!
    V x

  2. How alike we are........... Same with the elder-flowers and berries, the flowers are in bloom and fresh looking on the tree at the moment. Although I have made elderberry and apple jam before now. I hate coffee full stop, but love anything orange flavoured and love oranges, the sweeter the better. Love early mornings, would rather get up at dawn and go to be at dusk. I can be a miserable horrible person.
    Bet your possible new head had a good giggle about your replies. I am very shy!
    Julie xxxx

  3. My sort of list. Loved it - the gap between the thought and the reality. Btw how is that Ginger Boy of yours?
    Avril x

  4. Loved your list of random facts, I can't bear orange goo inside chocolates or strawberry goo either but I like both fruits especially strawberries. I wonder if you will make that cordial this year?:)

  5. When the old ruin of a barn here had to be buried, we lost all the elderberry bushes that grew around it. There are a few on our property across the road. But with fear of ticks and Lyme disease I don't wander there in summer and so do not keep as watchful an eye on them as I should. Last season I remembered the berries after the birds got to them all. You've reminded me to be on the lookout this year. Thanks.
    Yes do make the cordial. My herbalist friend tells me it is very good for your health especially during flu season.
    Oh and Simone, could your sky have been any bluer????

  6. A stripper or nun
    Oh what a dilemma,
    To pray to the lord
    Or prance for a fella!

  7. I didn't know you had a sister!
    A nun or a stripper, I think that;s hilarious.
    Lisa x

  8. Hahaha! What a fun collection of facts, Simone.

    Your dislike of orange flavored things makes me think of the fact that I dislike grape flavored things, though I do like grapes, grape juice and grape jelly.

    What are we bloggers supposed to feed our blogs?

  9. Hmm! Some things I never would have guessed! ;) A fact about me - I always make wildflower cordial - it's so easy, cheap and del-ic-ious! I used to make Apple and elderberry jam - which is also delicious - but I never do now.LOL!


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