Friday, 24 July 2015

Scented Sugars

Whilst the summer herbs are at their peak it is a good time to make some scented sugars with them for use throughout the year. 

I used Rose of Attar perlagonium leaves to make my sugar but you could use any other perlagonium leaves such as apple mint (above) or other edible herb leaves such as lemon balm, lemon verbena, mint etc;

I used a small handful of washed, dried leaves and put into a blender with 250g of granulated sugar.  The sugar becomes finer as you whizz it up.  When the leaves are finely chopped and blended with the sugar, put into a clean glass jar.  I didn't sterilize mine but to be on the safe side I would advise that you do.  Once made let the sugar sit for a few weeks to allow scent and flavour to develop.  Sift before use.

Use the sugar to add a subtle and delicate flavour to herb teas, sponge cakes and puddings or sprinkle over Turkish Delight Shortbread (which is neither Turkish or contains any Turkish Delight sweetmeat!) but does taste similar due to the addition of rose tea leaves and rose water).  You can find the recipe here.
I hope that you are enjoying summer.  I have hit the ground running since I started the Savor Summer posts and am finding many ways to enjoy the lighter and longer summer days.   For more Savor Summer posts click on the pictorial link in the side bar which will take you to Anne's blog. Scroll down to discover her previous Savor Summer posts.

Just two more Savor Summer posts to go.  Check back on Monday when I will have the final joy list for July and on Friday will be sharing a home spa recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. That sounds delicious, Simone. I've never tried scenting sugar, but I can imagine dainty sugar cookies with flowery-scented sugar on top.

    I'm so glad you've been enjoying Savoring Summer!

  2. I must have a try at scented sugar - I have a Rose of Attar scented geranium. Glad you are enjoying Savouring Summer - have a lovely weekend:)

  3. What a fantastic and simple recipe. I'm imaging these sugars on muffins or scones enjoyed eyes closed, savoring summer in the depth of winter.
    Mmmmm, thank you.

  4. It sounds as if you having a lot of fun at the moment Simone, your sugar idea sounds wonderful!!
    Happy weekend,
    V x

  5. That sounds wonderful.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. When you scrape out a vanilla pod, keep the pod in a glass jar of sugar to give it a nice vanilla flavor.


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