Monday, 3 August 2015

Small Changes

I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle for quite some time now.  Little by little I have made small changes that have become routine:

Every morning I drink a glass of water first thing.

From Monday to Thursday I eat a small bowl of dried fruit and nuts instead of having biscuits or cake with a cup of tea.

I don't add sugar to my coffee

These three simple things  I feel are already having a positive impact on my physical health and well being.  As it is now second nature to do them I will be gradually adding more changes such as:

Applying hand cream before bedtime

Doing a Sunday night pedicure

Drinking more herbal tea and less black tea

........and also those that enhance my mind and spirit too including;

Creative photography

Walks in local parks

Focusing on and mastering one particular craft

Preparing blog posts in advance

Keeping a clutter free home
I read somewhere that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit.  It is my mission to have a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and by making these tiny accumulative changes in habits, I feel as though I am on my way there.



  1. What an excellent idea to introduce small manageable changes bit by bit.
    I keep hand cream by my bedside and have got into the habit of putting it on at bedtime. I like the idea of the nuts and dried fruit. A little stash of my own to snack on would be good. I already keep my own chocolate stash, so a healthy alternative seems sensible!
    Lisa x

  2. Good for you Simone!
    It's giving up things like chocolate that I would struggle with and I love my black tea, I really do not like any other sort of tea. I am very good with hand cream though, I do love my hand cream.
    Have a lovely week Simone,
    V x

  3. Love this post, Simone. Though I've done this myself more than a few times I've never had the discipline or direction of thought to keep it up so it makes a difference. Thanks for the nudge… I hope to be able to share with you some of my own little changes in the weeks and months ahead.
    Have a lovely week.

  4. Great oaks from little acorns grow - small changes added together can make a huge difference. I started a few weeks ago to introduce a herbal/fruit tea at lunchtime but I slipped back to ordinary tea. Must do that again I had a lavender and echinacea tea that I quite liked. Like the idea of dried fruit or nuts to replace biscuits as I do love a mug of coffee and a biscuit for elevenses and I would really miss that:)

  5. A very interesting post, and full of positive things. It is true that making only small changes can make a big difference to our health and well being. Making lists like these also helps you see where you can actually make those changes......maybe I will make one now :)
    Helen xox


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