Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Spent Flowers

I took this photo out on my long walk last week.  The plant caught my eye as the flowers were all at different stages of development - some just coming into flower, some past their peak and others well and truly dead. If I was to compare my blog to the photo I would say that mine are the flowers front right of the picture - not dead but almost over.


For seven and a half years I have opened my heart up on here.  I have exposed the good, bad and ugly side of my character.  I seemed to have been unable to self edit and spewed my thoughts all over the page for all and sundry to see.  Some people read this blog and I wish they didn't and there are others that I wish that did.  My exercise in visiting many blogs in the hope that some would 'find' me proved futile. My guess is that I really don't have anything interesting to say.  I feel spent.


There is a new moon today.  I feel like learning something new or going deeper into a subject I already know.  I may not be around much whilst I pursue this area of discovery.


Marigold Jam said...

I do so hope that I am not one of the ones you would rather didn't comment? I wish you well in your search and hope to see you back when you feel like it.

KC'sCourt! said...

Your blog is so interesting. I wish I could write like you. Please don't disappear

Simone said...

Hi Marigold Jam. I appreciate all of your comments. I am referring to people related to me who read the blog and sometimes I would rather they didn't!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I really wish you well in your search Simone! :)
V x

Marigold Jam said...

I am glad about that - I wondered if perhaps I came across as a bit of a know-it-all. Once a teacher always a teacher I am told! If you want to continue blogging without family or friends knowing about your blog you could start another one quite separate and not tell them about it then they wouldn't be able to read it. Just a thought. Whatever you decide I wish you well and like Julie I hope you won't disappear as your crafts are so inspiring.

Rosie said...

I'd say your blog was more bottom right to middle top, Simone but I understand how you feel about blogging; after 10 years I'm feeling the same but would be loath to give up entirely. Whatever you decide to do I wish you well and hope that you follow that dream you have and keep your wonderful creative spark alight. Take carexxx

Helen Philipps said...

Wishing you well whatever you decide to do, Simone!
Helen xox

Rosie said...

Of course I meant bottom left as I look at the photo Simone - I can easily mix up my lefts and rightsxx

Lyn said...

I too blog less and less, I'm not as good at keeping up with others, but I won't give it up, not just yet! I hope you find something interesting to stimulate your mind and keep you going.....

Ethel Johnson said...

Please let us know what you discover...hoping you're not finished here. Good luck with sprouting new seeds. xx

Anne Butera said...

I'm sorry you feel like that about your blog, Simone. (And I was a bit shocked by your statement about people you wish didn't read your blog -- until I saw your explanation in the comments).

Nothing lasts forever and maybe this blog has run its course. I don't know. The only one who can decide that is you. Maybe you need to start a new, fresh blog (and tell those of us you want to read it about it so we can find you!). Or maybe you just need a break. Again, it's up to you to decide what you need.

Blogging is such a personal thing (though there are plenty of blogs that don't go about it in a personal way). There's no right or wrong way to do it (though plenty of people will give you their opinions on that!). It seems to me that you have a loyal following, Simone. Connecting with a small group, really connecting, is better than having a huge number of followers.

Have you seen this post: I think she has some good points.

So take your time, Simone. Dig deep. Listen to yourself (not to me; not to your other readers, even the supportive ones; not to those who are unsupportive and critical), just to you. You will know what you need.

Wishing you clarity, creativity and joy.

Lisa said...

Taking a break from the blogging world can be just the ticket sometimes. We can come back refreshed.
Good luck in your journey of discovery.
Lisa x

Karen L R said...

Be gentle with yourself as you pause to consider what comes next. xo

Jane said...

I stumbled across your blog by accident through comments you left on an Indian crafting blog (what a complex world we live in!). I enjoyed scrolling down your different blog entries. I was sad to read this one that sounded as though you weren't sure whether to carry on with it. It's a very personal decision, but for my part I'd be pleased if you do, because I enjoy reading it.

I also write a blog, not as often as I mean to and never as coherent or as insightful or as funny as I mean to be, and I have no idea whether it means anything to anyone. But never mind, I still like to try to share different thoughts and my creative journey with other people. You never know when someone might just read something that 'connects' with them and mean something. I hope that you find the right outcome, whatever that is.

Kind regards,