Friday, 20 January 2017

Home Truths

  • I am not a classic beauty
  • I am great at starting things but not so great at finishing them
  • I set myself goals and targets and then forget about them
  • My moods swing like a pendulum
  • I am impulsive 
  • I am compulsive
  • I am yet to find my calling

Home truths are hard to bear but it makes choices easier when you have limitations - self imposed or otherwise.


crafty cat corner said...

Are we twins? lol

Simone said...


Rosie said...

First three I'm like you but where you are impulsive I'm a bit of a ditherer and think for ages before making up my mind:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

...and...I think...a little too hard on yourself!

Lyn said...

I can go along with some of these for myself. I blame the January days!

KC'sCourt! said...

I was gong to say the same as Crafty Cats Corner.

I decided though, people are going to take me as they find me. I'm me, nobody else and that's that!

Julie xxxxxx

Ethel Johnson said...

I'd call them 'foibles', makes you sound cute and normal!xx

Judy Hartman said...

I think these ladies said it well! I think you are pretty, talented and kind. What's not to like?? I would love to see you write a self published book of short stories, with your own illustrations - painted or cut from paper. What do you think of that?
Sending hugs, Simone, xx

Kim Baker said...

Me too... on all of the above :)
At the moment, I am trying to focus on just doing 'the next right thing'.