Friday, 6 April 2018

Art Tags

I have been watching art videos and creating intensely this week.  I am trying to cram each day with learning and making.  Most of the time I hate what I produce but I think that most 'arty' people know they have an inner critic - the trick is to pay no attention.  I long for the day when I am proud of a painting or drawing that I have done rather than finding all its faults.  I am hoping that experimenting and going through the motion of 'doing' rather than passively watching tutorials will eventually pay off.

The watercolour tags above where fun to make but straight after I made them, I disliked them! They are loud and colourful and I am not!  Maybe I was expressing a side of my personality yet to emerge? 

Anyway, as I said, I did enjoy the process of making them even if I am not in love with the end result.  I will make them again but in a toned down colour palette.  After all, practice makes progress.


  1. I think these are terrific, Simone, very joyful.
    But I do understand what you mean about colors outside of your norm. I'm currently working on a quilt challenge project for my quilt guild. The challenge fabric is a piece I would never have purchased for myself. But that very thing has made me push beyond my comfort zone with much learning about the process and about myself along the way. Each step leads you forward. And that's a good thing.
    Watching tutorials is a great (and free!) way to spark ideas. It's also a valuable way to learn enough about a process to decide if spending your limited time and resources on it would be a good thing for you right now.
    Keep creating. I love to see what you come up with.

  2. Loving the violety blue ones. Always good to try new things, especially when you are so talented.
    Lisa x

  3. They are pretty, jewel-like colours when they are all fanned out together Simone, but I know what you mean about having your own palette of more muted colours.
    It is good that you are taking action - every step has to be a step in the right direction. I don't think there are any wasted moments when you are creating. We can be too harsh with ourselves in criticising our work, in a way we would never be with someone else's. Good luck with your endeavours! xx

  4. I on the other hand love it loud and colourful. Your tags are pure gorgeous. x

  5. LOve the tags, my kind of colours.
    Know exactly what you mean about the 'inner critic' I have one that is always asking me why I even bother to do any needlework and that m ost of what I produce is rubbish. On bad days it seems he's right but most of the time I manage to push him away, lol

  6. You enjoyed the process and that is the most important part!
    V x

  7. Hi Simone - lovely to see your crafting again. I am not a bright colour person but I do like your tags and with water colours I do think they are better brighter as often watercolours can look a bit pale and wishy washy.
    Experimenting is the best way to go - you often discover new techniques and colour combinations along the way.

  8. I like the rich colours, Simone and I can imagine them attached to parcels wrapped in simmilar or contrasting coloured soft tissue paper, they are delightful:)

  9. So colourful Simone! You are right I think you need to go through the process and keep going, most arty people I know will find fault with their work. ❤️ Xx

  10. We'd probably never persevere if the inner critic didn't push us on to try again - I think it's all a part of the creative process .... maybe!!

    Julia xx

  11. These are wonderful.
    I went a phase a few years back for about ten/twelve years there was no colour in my life, everything was dark. Anything I created and made was dark in colour, then one day all of a sudden colour appeared, bright sunshine colours...... The time will come when the colour comes back

    Julie xxxx


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