Friday, 30 March 2018

A Fish Out of Water

I quit my job.  After a year working as a General Kitchen Assistant in a school kitchen, I realised that my 'good enough' job was not quite good enough.  A giant leap of faith will take me where I want to go.  I cannot wait for new (and creative) adventures.

* Fish painted by following Anne Butera's Skillshare class 'Learn to Paint Watercolor Goldfish.'


  1. believe in yourself and shine, girl.
    cute little goldfish.
    happy weekend.

  2. You have given the job enough time to know if it's the one for you and it obviously isn't and I think it was making you unhappy too. Take time to find what you want to do, there is something out there waiting. Enjoy your Easter break without that cloud of having to go back hovering over you:)

  3. I've worked in a school kitchen in my past and its hard work, good luck with your spare time.
    The fish is just beautiful.

  4. If it wasn't right for you Simone then you did the right is way to short!
    V x

  5. It is brave of you to follow your heart Simone. I hope you find a path that suits you better. Your own little pond in the ocean of life... I love your little fish, it looks very determined :)

  6. Clever you on the fish front and well done you on taking that step and walking away from something which just wasn't a good fit for you. So easily we carry on with things when we should call it a day.
    Here's to new beginnings.
    Lisa x

  7. That job was not "good enough" for you because you seemed quite unhappy there. I wish you the very best of luck as you chart a new path forward, Simone. Sending hope your way!


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